Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of course

School's finished by rosao
Hi all. This week is the last week of our courses, Interpreting & Translating for international and local students. It's been a busy year but  most of us feel we could do with a few more weeks, in terms of learning. Nevertheless, we all need a break!

Enjoy the holiday, celebrate it with family and friends and find time to do some reading and listening not to go rusty!

Here are some links you may find useful:
  • Thanks to Simon, this link tells us about the use of the apostrophe for plurals
  • Sustainability is a big topic. Here is a great post that links sustainability and creativity
  • On the topic of creativity, watch some of these videos and practise your listening,  note taking and translation skills
  • You can start Keeping in Contact with colleagues

  • Go to Rolan's wiki and check his environment page. Look at the footprint calculator, dust storms' effect on health, and explore the rest of his pages
  • Finally, translation students may want to explore Translator's CAT Tools. Wordfast has a free version. Why don't you download it and start learning how to use it? You'll be acquiring transferable skills useful for when you decide to upgrade and get a more professional CAT program.
Thanks for your course evaluations. They really help us teachers to get feedback on our delivery and how to improve it. It's been a pleasure teaching you all. Till next year. Have a great break and come back invigorated and ready for the challenge!

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